About Me


Thank you for visiting Breast Pumps For Sale. I’m Elaine Smith and I am mother of two children aged 6 and 8. I am often asked by friends and family about breast pumps  as I have many in the past so I created this site to share my experiences, tips and advice.

There are many questions surrounding breast pumps. This is partly due to the plethora of different types and models available on the market. Fortunately I have used many of them, some first hand and others because friends or relatives have purchased them so I know their features, advantages and disadvantages just by listening to their feedback.

My aim for this site to help people find the most suitable breast pump and to become the #1 resource on the Internet for breastfeeding information.


If you have any questions regarding this site or would like to provide some feedback or suggestions, please use the contact form below. I aim to answer all queries within 48 hours.