Ameda Breast Pump Reviews: The Top 3

Moms who pump know how important it is to pick a pump that fits their pumping needs.  Ameda offers a selection of breast pumps to fit any nursing mother’s needs and lifestyle.  All Ameda breast pumps are free of BPA and DEHP.  Here is an in-depth look at the top three different pumps offered by Ameda:

Ameda Breast Pump Reviews

1. Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

Moms who work full time, or who want the convenience of fast and easy pumping, will love the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump.  The Purely Yours Ultra has a feature called CustomControl™, which allows moms to customize their pumping session for increased comfort and milk output. With dual suction and speed adjustability, there are a total of 32 combinations moms can choose from. Though some moms may find the customization confusing and have to experiment for a long time to find their perfect combination.  This pump also has airlock protection which keeps air in the pump from coming in contact with your breast milk.  This means less hassle because you do not have to clean the tubing, and your milk is not at risk of contamination.  The Purely Yours Ultra includes the three most commonly used flange sizes.  Choosing the correct flange size will increase comfort and milk output.  For some moms the correct flange size will change over time, so having all three of these sizes at your fingertips is very convenient and smart. One drawback to this pump is the multiple flanges, which can confuse moms as to which flange size they need and add to the number of parts that need to be kept track of when using this pump.  This pump weighs less than a pound and comes in a stylish bag that is easily and discreetly transportable.  There are three options for a power source for this pump; AC adaptor, six AA batteries or a car adaptor.  The Purely Yours Ultra does have a few downfalls.  Some moms may find this pump and bag bulky and difficult to carry around.  This is also the most expensive non-hospital grade pump Ameda offers, and some moms will find it does not fit within their budget.  This pump tends to not be as quiet as other brands and some moms will have an issue with this fact, especially working moms.  There are reports that this noise gets worse the more wear the pump is exposed to.

2. Ameda Purely Yours

The Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is of the same motor quality as the Ultra, and is ideal for working moms, or moms who pump frequently.  However, budget conscious moms will find this pump to be a more affordable option.  It does not come with extra flanges, but these can be purchased separately and are interchangeable with the standard flanges this pump comes with.  As with the Ultra model, this pump has the CustomControl™, and airlock protection to keep air from entering the tubing and possibly contaminating your milk.  This pump is available without a bag, which can give moms a personal choice of what kind of bag they would like to have, and is a cheaper option.  It is also available in a shoulder carry style bag and a back pack style.  Just like the Ultra model, it too, weighs less than a pound, which is ideal for transporting.

3. Ameda One Hand Manual

Finally, Ameda offers a hand pump.  The Ameda One Hand Manual breast pump earned the High Design-Innovation Quality Award from Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany.  It is ergonomic with easy to use one-hand operation.  It allows you to purchase two units and double pump, or even nurse one on side and pump the other at the same time.  It utilizes a “squeeze and hold” technique that reduces the effort of sometimes cumbersome hand pumping.  For added convenience, this pump is compact and can fit in a purse or a diaper bag.  It also has the ability to interchange flange sizes as needed.   As with other hand pumps on the market, this hand pump is not appropriate for moms who are pumping frequently, including those who return to work.  Some moms may not enjoy having to do the manual labor to use this type of a pump, and opt for an electric instead.

Ameda is a top competitor in the breast pump market.  In order to choose the right Ameda breast pump for you, do some research and figure out what you need in a breast pump.  After doing this, you can be confident you are making the right decision, and your baby will thank you.