Breast Pump Bra Reviews: The Top 3

A breast pump is a useful piece of equipment that no nursing mother will want to do without. A mother who has just given birth will find that the body initially produces a lot more milk that the baby actually needs. Pumping some of this milk can help to relieve uncomfortable gorging and swelling. Furthermore, expressed milk can be used for the baby when the mother has to leave the baby with a relative or caretaker during part of the day.

Another useful accessory is the breast pump bra holder. In times past, a mother had to hold the breast pump and express the milk manually. However an electronic pump attached to a breast pump bra holder will leave a mother with free hands, thus enabling a mother to take care of important to do’s while the milk is being expressed.

Breast Pump Bra Reviews

There are so many breast pump bras on the market that it can be hard to know which one is best. Naturally, a mother will need to take her budget into consideration, as some bras are more expensive than others. However, it is important to purchase a breast pump bra that is good quality, as such a bra can be used again in the future if the mother has one or more additional children. Following are reviews of the top three breast pump bras currently on the market.

1. Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier

This breast pump bra can be used by any woman. It comes in seven different sizes and can be adjusted as needed. The tight seal helps to ensure that there is no leakage while the four way layering support system gives a woman’s breasts proper support so that they do not sag and stretch. This particular bra can be used with most any breast pump. This particular bra gets rave reviews from mothers who note that it is extremely comfortable, has very good support, is easy to use and does not cause any sort of milk leakage.

2. PumpEase Classic Collection Hands Free Pumping Bra

This particular bra comes in all sizes and can be used by any woman, no matter what size her breasts are. One thing that sets this bra apart from its competitors is the fact that it is made with bold graphics and colors that are sure to amuse a small baby. The bra’s unique “horn openings” ensure that it can be used with any breast pump on the market. The hook and eye closure at the center front makes the bra easy to adjust, put on and take off. Many mothers who have tried this bra have given it five star review ratings, commenting that it is comfortable and easy to use. It should also be noted that the fact that this bra is not bulky means that one can use it when going out to work, running errands around town or having a nice meal at a restaurant, as the bra will not show under regular clothes.

3. Easy Expression Hands Free Bustier Bra

The Easy Expression Hands Free Bustier Bra is yet another top notch breast pump holder bra that gets rave reviews from mothers who have used it. It comes in five different sizes and can be purchased in either black or white. It has a zip front with a flexible zipper for easy use. The fact that it is made with over 90% cotton is a plus for mothers who are nursing during the hot summer months, as breast pump bras made using synthetic materials can be quite uncomfortable to wear on a very hot summer day. This particular bra gets an average review rating of four out of five stars for being comfortable, well made and efficient.

While many mothers buy formula for their infants, it has been medically proven that a mother’s milk is in fact the best possible form of nourishment for a newborn baby. Now, even a busy mother can easily express milk using a breast pump bra holder. All a mother has to do is attach the breast pump to the bra and then turn the machine on. A busy mother then has her hands free to work as needed.

It is important for a woman to choose the right size of breast pump bra, in order for the bra to provide the right level of support. Those who are looking for a good brand name should consider the options mentioned above. While there are many breast pump bras on the market, these particular models are simply the best and will help a woman to express her milk without hassle.