Electric Breast Pump Reviews: The Top 3

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I began to research. I am a perpetual researcher, which means I always read extensively before I make any major decision. My pregnancy research led me to scores of articles on the best of everything for my new baby. From the best stroller to the best diapers, car seats, infant formula, music, developmental toys and baby food, it seemed every article was geared towards an obsessive mass of future moms seeking the best of it all.

From my readings, I began to learn more about breastfeeding. After all, it made perfect sense to me that the best milk for my baby would be the one produced by my body, the one that was already perfectly forming and nurturing the baby. Knowing that at some point I would not be able to physically be with the baby, I became aware of the solution: a breast pump. This innovative contraption would extract milk from my breasts so it could be stored for future use by my baby. Not only would my baby receive the best milk, but it would also be free. Trust me when I say that I also researched baby formula prices and was a bit shocked at what all that milk would cost within the first year.

Continuing on the best-of-everything search for my baby, I began to read electric breast pump reviews in order to find the best electric breast pump. There were many options available, so I first had to identify the top performers and conduct my own electric breast pump comparison between different brands and models. Although there were many manual models available, I discarded those immediately, because many women disliked the effort they had to put into using them.

Another disadvantage of the manual breast pump models was the lack of consistent suction, given that it is driven by the woman’s own hand. Thus, keeping the right amount of suction at a consistent rate is difficult, particularly when the hands get tired from the repeated motion. Having discarded the manual models, I determined that the electric breast pump advantages were far worth the extra investment.

I focused exclusively on the top 3 reviewed electric double breast pumps and on their pros and cons. While there are several hospital grade pumps that receive outstanding reviews, their price may be too high for most moms. Thus, the following pumps also have affordable pricing.

My Top 3 Electric Breast Pumps

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

The Medela Pump in Style model is an electric double breast pump that consistently receives great reviews. It is designed for daily use and was created with traveling in mind as buyers of the Pump In Style will have a choice of a travel tote or a travel backpack as accessories of the breast pump.


  • Comes with a roomy storage bag with a handy cooler with ice pack that can keep milk cool for up to 12 hours, great for when you are busy.
  •  Even though it is electric, it can also be used with batteries or in the car with an optional car lighter adapter, so you can express milk anywhere.
  • The 2-Phase Expression technology enables you to pump more milk in less time.


  • Although somewhat rare, some people report the motor malfunctioning after a few months of use. Due to this, it is advisable to keep the receipt in case a call to customer service for a replacement is in order.

2. Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

This Ameda pump also receives high ratings in reviews and some women say that it is more comfortable than the Medela models due to the different nipple shield sizes that are included in the package. It is less expensive than the Medela model but still has an impressive array of features and extras.


  • The pump includes three different nipple shield sizes, and there is an even larger size that can be ordered. The custom fitting resolves nipple soreness issues for many women.
  • This pump also includes a cooler bag with six bottles for prolonged cooling periods.


  • The power is not as effective when used with the battery instead of the plug.
  • Also, some women find the noise it makes with each suction and release very annoying.

3. First Years miPump Electric Breast Pump

Being one of the most affordable electric breast pumps, this pump also obtains high marks as it is perfect for moms with budget constraints. However, despite the lower price point it still manages to include a well-made tote travel bag and other accessories in the package. Perhaps one of the best features is the option to use it with a companion bra for total hands-free use.


  • It  has a flexi-fit breast shield to ensure a comfortable, soft and proper fit.
  • Very quiet breast pump which makes it perfect for travel or night time use.
  • One of the most affordable electric breast pumps on the market.


  • Although it has different speed settings, it seems to be slower than other electric models, so that pumping time might be longer.

When considering the price of a pump, remember what the cost of milk formula would be over the baby’s first year alone. Unarguably, the cost of a pump will pay itself over that time. Moreover, another one of the many electric breast pump benefits is the ability to use it over and over again with subsequent children, so the more you use it the lesser the initial cost. For me, feeding my baby the best milk available even when I am away is reason enough to invest in an electric breast pump.