3 Easy Ways to Produce More Breast Milk

Most nursing mothers are known to constantly worry about their milk production levels and whether the babies they are nursing are getting adequate milk. Since there is no way that one can measure the amount of breast milk needed, it is common for one to feel doubtful about the sufficiency of her milk supply. For those mothers who have established that they produce a low amount of milk, knowing how to produce more breast milk is vital.

A healthy diet and lifestyle boosts milk production and quality

It is a known fact that insufficient breast milk is a known cause for mothers to introduce supplements during early development of their babies. What most people do not know is that it is very rare for a woman not to produce any milk at all. The fact is they can produce just enough when the right supplements are used and right procedures followed. Before going into the steps of increasing production it is important to determine whether your supply is low or not.

Most nursing mothers have come with various theories to help determine their supply levels, some of which are misleading and cannot be relied on. The most common indicator of inadequate supply is when a baby starts to lose weight or when he or she is not gaining weight as required. One is therefore advised to find out why her supply is low and take the necessary steps towards increasing the supply.

Ensure Your Baby Has An Adequate Milk Supply

1. Increase Suckling Frequency

The very first step on how to produce more breast milk is to ensure that your baby is suckling frequently and for longer periods of time in a day. On average one should breastfeed a minimum of 8 times a day. The reason why one should do this is because the suckling process provides the massage that is needed to increase supply. Another reason is that breastfeeding frequently ensures that the breasts are empty promoting more production to fill them. This means when there is milk in the breasts there is a slower production and vice versa.

One should also ensure that she offers both breasts during breastfeeding. This will ensure that both breasts receive stimulation enough to increase production. This can be achieved by switching the baby from one breast to another until the baby is full or the milk is finished. The switching should be done when the sucking slows down and should be done for each breast two times during each breastfeed.

2. Let Your Baby Decide How Much Is Enough

The second step that a nursing mother ought to take is to allow the baby to breastfeed until he or she is satisfied. Stopping the process prematurely will normally cause a negative effect on the natural triggers that lead to production of milk. It is also important to know that the last portion usually contains a higher fat content vital to growth as well as weight gain. The last portion taken by the babies ensures they stay for longer between feeding periods.

3. Produce More Breast Milk by Reducing Stress and Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

The third and final step involves what a nursing mother eats and how she takes care of herself. One should take a lot of fluids in the form of water or juices. This is because the fluids are vital to milk production and regular intake of fluids may lead to increased production. However, taking fluids in excess will not amount to increased production, hydration is the goal. A nursing mother should take fresh fruits, vegetables and have adequate rest. This will prevent stress build up which is necessary for increased supply during feeding. Increasing calorie intake is important since increasing supply will require energy which if not available the supply will be inadequate. With the few tips provided above, how to produce more milk should no longer be a source of stress or frustration.

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