Lansinoh Breast Pump Reviews: The Top 3

In today’s hectic and often hurried world, many moms are now turning to the convenience of breast pumps as a way to give their child the best nutrition without needing to spend time putting the baby to the breast.  Lansinoh is one of the top breast pump producers in the world; and as such, they offer a variety of styles to everyone so that nursing mothers can find the best possible option for themselves and their baby.  Here are our top three recommendations for moms considering purchasing a Lansinoh breast pump.

Lansinoh Breast Pump Reviews

1. The Lasinoh Manual Single Breast Pump

This pump is designed for moms who wish to pump their own milk manually instead of letting an electric motor do it for them.  This model is particularly time-consuming because it must be used for each breast individually; however, this feature can often come in handy if mothers are used to nursing at only one breast per feeding.  The single pump also comes in handy when mothers wish to nurse in a place other than the traditional “pumping spot” that is so often associated with double pumping.  In fact, using a manual single pump allows you to pump anywhere, from around the house while doing chores, to in the ladies’ room while at the mall.  Many users also report that the nursing shield and suction device are vastly superior to even hospital-grade pumping machines.

A few individuals had minor complaints regarding this particular model.  First, it is time consuming, as mentioned above.  Secondly, the pump sometimes squeaks as you use it, especially after the first five minutes of pumping.  Lastly, it can sometimes be difficult to get the seal and suction to work properly if there are any water droplets remaining after the unit has been taken apart and dried.  These issues, however, can often be handled relatively easy if you simply know how to handle the issues.

This Lansinoh breast pump is certainly very easy to use.  In fact, by simply adjusting the way that you compress the handle to extract the milk, you can create an extraction pattern that is uniquely yours and the most comfortable for your breast.  To use, you simply put the nursing pad in place, attach the pump, and begin pumping by squeezing the handle.  Many mothers very highly recommend this pump for its ease of use, portability, and comfort during pumping.

2. Lansinoh Affinity Double Breast Pump

This pump is probably Lansinoh’s most popular pump.  It is also their newest model.  While many moms have truly fallen in love with the super-comfortable suction rings, others say that it has no power and cannot pump effectively because of this.  So let us dig into the reviews and find out the facts about this particular breast pump.

First, we should take a look at some of the advantages of this pump.  As mentioned previously, many moms absolutely adore the comfy and cushioned suction rings.  In addition, it offers a variety of suction settings and speeds.  These features allow you to customize the suction pattern to as closely stimulate your baby’s feeding pattern as possible.  Another very handy feature lauded by many mothers is the “let-down” button that can easily be pushed once you experience the let down, so that the pump adjusts its rate to accommodate the new flow.  These advantages make the Lansinoh Affinity pumps some of the top breast pumps in the industry.

However, with these advantages come a few disadvantages that must be dealt with if you decide to purchase this pump.  First, the machine is rather noisy, especially compared to the manual pump.  Also, the machine’s parts can be particularly difficult to clean.  Lastly, if you decide to use batteries on this pump, it can quickly burn them out.  These cons are some of the top issues that many pumping mothers have with this particular model.

3. Lansinoh Double Breast Electric Pump

Lastly, we decided to review the Lansinoh breast pump that is the double electric model.  This model is actually the grandmama of the Affinity model; however, since it can still be purchased online, we thought it a good idea to review it here.

The double breast electric pump is very similar to the Affinity.  It has a very strong suction, and is very durable in that it lasts for quite a while, especially when compared to other models.  The overall design is sturdy and practical.

However, this model of Lansinoh breast pump does lack the special comfortable suction rings that its successor offers.  In addition, it can only run on an electricity outlet; batteries are not an option.  It also does not offer the variety of settings in both suction power and speed.  In other words, the double breast electric pump is a good option, however the Affinity model is much more updated and designed for your specific style of pumping.