Where Can You Rent Breast Pumps and How Much Do They Cost?

Having a baby is a life-changing event. Every mother wants her newborn to grow up and reach his or her fullest potential. Unlike infant formula which is synthetic, natural breast milk is all-natural and can give your child the essential minerals he or she needs to develop at a faster rate. If you plan on feeding your child breast milk but have to be away from home most hours of the day and unable to afford to purchase a breast pump, you should consider finding out more regarding breast pump rentals. Renting a breast pump will seem like a better option. The breast pump rental cost is about $ 450 to $ 750 a year, depending on the model. That’s about half the price of a brand new breast pump, which you might not have to use again if you are not planning on having another child.

The Advantages of Breastfeeding

Medical studies show that there are many benefits of breast feeding

Breastfeeding makes more sense for many reasons. First off, breast milk is free. You save by breastfeeding your child. The money which was originally intended for formula can go to other things or be put in an emergency fund. On average, baby formula will set you back $ 1200 to $ 1500 a year. Secondly, breastfed babies are more immunologically resistant to diseases compared with babies who were fed infant formula. Breast milk contains high amounts of antibodies that cannot be found in store-bought milk. Babies who are breastfed have lesser stomach, ear and respiratory infections. They are also less prone to allergies, diabetes and asthma.

Since breast milk is all-natural, the components do not irritate your baby’s sensitive stomach lining like infant formula. Most mothers who breastfeed report that their babies are less likely to spit up and that their baby’s stools don’t smell as bad compared to babies on infant formula.

Personally, I prefer to breastfeed for a multitude of reasons. Breastfeeding seals your bond as mother and child. Your baby will be less likely to thumb suck because he or she would have experienced the emotional bond that is linked to breastfeeding. However, it should be noted that most mothers have to resume schooling or work after paid maternity leave is over and done with. While this can be an emotionally trying time, as you are not used to being separated from your child for long periods of time, he or she can still avail of all natural breast milk if you decide to buy a breast pump.

Breast Pump Rentals: Places to Find Them

Good quality breast pumps retail for roughly $ 900 to $ 1200. With a baby in the house, there will be a significant rise in expenses and that amount may seem too much to part with. You might want to consider breast pump rentals as a breast pump rental cost is significantly lower than having to buy one of your own.

While some people think that renting a breast pump is unsanitary, that is not the case. You are only renting the pump itself. The kit is to be purchased and therefore perfectly clean and sterile. You might want to try renting a breast pump at the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC). This government assistance program offers lactating mothers with breast pump rentals for free. They also provide lactation specialist help and various educational resources for mothers of lesser means. While you may not qualify for their assistance, you might still be able to rent out a breast pump for free.

Most hospitals offer programs like breast pump rentals and lactation consultation. Some hospitals rent them out at a cheaper price than commercial breast pump rentals. You can even visit stores that sell or rent out medical supplies and inquire about how much they charge for breast pump rentals. As a last resort, you might want to ask your friends who have children who are newly weaned from breast milk. Chances are, at least one of them would have bought a breast pump that you can borrow for free or at lower rates.With my youngest child, I was lucky enough to borrow one from my friend as she had recently switched her two year old to solid food.

Choose the most natural source of sustenance for the newest addition to your family. By renting a breast pump, you will be able to give your child immunologic boosters that cannot be found in infant formula at a cost-effective amount. Most mothers trust only breast milk as a primary source of sustenance and nourishment. Thanks to the breast pump, even busy moms can provide their infants with safe and all-natural milk despite their demanding schedules.

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