3 Cheap Breast Pumps For Under $50

Milk secretion does not have to be painful and a tedious chore. Breast pumps are the easiest way to express breast milk easily and comfortably. I searched online for breast pumps that were inexpensive because my budget was limited. While looking for affordable breast pumps that cost less than $50, I found three great products and they were kind enough to provide me with some samples for review. Here is my experience with these new breast pumps:

Top 3 Breast Pumps for Under $50

1. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

This manual breast pump costs $35 and is ideal for traveling. The Medela Harmony pump has a clever pumping mechanism called the “2-phase expression technology” which has been provide to help you pump more milk by simulating the natural milking process. It also comes with an ergonomic swivel handle for ease of use and a massaging breast shield that is made of soft silicon for added comfort. The package also includes a bottle stand and a helpful information guide which explains breastfeeding and provides answers to common questions.

Overall, this breast pump provides great value for money. It’s easy to clean and assemble for future usage. Furthermore, Medela is a well known brand in this industry for high quality products and engineering.

2. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, 1-Count

Retailing at around $28, the Lansinoh manual breast pump is very affordable. By making a few twists and turns, the breast pump can readily be used. It comes with flexible discs that easily bend to fit comfortably and is capable of extracting milk in just a few minutes.  Compare to others that I have tested, the Lansinoh manual pump is very quiet and does not make a lot of noise – making it perfect for using at night, traveling or outdoors. The bottles supplied for storage can help preserve milk longer because they do not cause my milk to freeze or spill when toppled over.

Unlike other breast pumps available on the market, this can be used even by those with sensitive nipples. This product is made from polypropylene, which is the top plastic choice when it comes to breast milk. The comfortable handle makes it easy to pump milk without getting hand fatigue.

The package contains one manual pump, two regular size bottles that have sealing discs and bottle rings for better milk storage, two additional valves, a ComfortSeal cushion, one brush for cleaning the item, and a supplementary silicone diaphragm.

3. Philips AVENT BPA Free Manual Breast Pump

This manual breast pump costs around $35 and aims to combine function and simplicity.  It is most notable for it’s unique elastic 5-petal cushion which has a massage function to induce more breast milk. This particular massage cushion mimics the natural milking process and contains vacuum which gently draws out milk and encourages the fluid to flow steadily. It also has a unique system that makes milk storage more efficient.

I was pleased when I tried this product because there were no bothersome motor sounds as I collected milk from my breast. It gives me full control over my own pumping pace and rhythm, making manual breast pumping completely natural and ideal for me.

The package contains the manual breast pump along with a funnel cover or bottle stand, a breast milk container that can take up to 4 ounces of fluid, a sealing disc, a nipple outdoor pack, a flow nipple for newborn babies, and a detailed instruction manual.

I strongly recommend these three cheap breast pumps for new moms out there. They are portable and reasonably priced. During these current economic times when we are sometimes forced to save money, the breast pumps mentioned can definitely be squeezed into a tight budget. Overall, these devices are the reliable solution to providing a hand-expressed milk supply and will meet your requirements.


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